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Patriot Ambulance, Inc.

3 months 4 weeks ago

Patriot Ambulance assists Lifeflight and Marlboro first responders for a MVA 12/23/16 on I-495.

Patriot Ambulance, Inc.

4 months 2 days ago

Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you to our staff working today and all who are working keeping us safe.

Patriot Ambulance, Inc.

4 months 4 days ago

‘Tis the season of giving!
Patriot Employees donate food and Christmas presents to those in need.

Patriot Ambulance, Inc.

4 months 6 days ago

*** Public Service Announcement ***

Welcome to the first day of winter, another cold one in store according to the experts.

We have all become so reliant on technology, our homes, cars and work. Its when technology fails us that trouble arises.

Some thoughts on winter planning:

Keep your car always above half full, you never know when you will get stuck in a storm or storm related traffic. Also keep a blanket and some granola bars in the trunk, no chuckling out there you just never know.

If you have oil heat and for some reason run out a quick trip to a gas station that has diesel will get you through until the oil company can get there. Just don't forget to bleed air out of the line.

Having endured nearly a week without power in the winter a portable generator is a blessing. Just remember to keep enough fuel on hand. Please remember to use a proper transfer switch or interlock as we don't want the lineman harmed from your generator.

Make sure to check in on elderly relatives and neighbors! A common and hazardous practice is using the oven to keep warm when fuel bills are tight.

CO detectors are a must and for you living in Mass it is the law. But did you know both CO detectors and smoke detectors expire? Usually after 10 years, check yours!

Any other helpful thoughts?

Patriot Ambulance, Inc.


Patriot Ambulance, Inc. currently employs over two hundred people, and is the provider of emergency and non-emergency medical transport to over fifty thousand customers a year. The organization currently provides service to seven cities for emergency medical service and provides service to eight hospitals and long-term facilities.

Principal leadership for the corporation is provided by both Maurice (Moe) Ryan, and David (Dave) Walton. Both men have spent their working careers in emergency services. They began working for the Concord Fire Department as Firefighter/EMTs and later devoted full time to their joint venture, Patriot Ambulance, Inc. As hands-on owners and managers, Moe and Dave are committed to providing the highest quality emergency and non-emergency medical services available.

Patriot Ambulance, Inc. operates from the heart and is a locally owned and managed organization with deep roots and commitment to the industry. When Patriot establishes an EMS system, delivers ambulance service, plan a public awareness program or volunteer our time for community service, it is more than a matter of fulfilling a contract. We are well aware that the system we design and implement may very well be the system our family and friends rely on for life saving services. That awareness ensures a quality that can’t be written into a contract.

During Patriot’s 30 years of providing emergency medical services, one lesson has been driven home again and again: Teamwork is the only way to ensure quality transportation.

At Patriot we do more than refer to ourselves as a team; we incorporate the principles of teamwork into our daily operations. We foster an open, participative system of management. We train continually to refine and enhance our skills. We insist that trust, respect, courtesy, and fairness mark our relationships with each other, our clients, and our partners – the hospitals, municipalities, nursing homes and private corporations we serve.

We want to do more than simply fulfill contract requirements. Our management, paramedics, EMTs, chairvan personnel and support personnel are eager to bring our customers our spirit of teamwork, our dedication to excellence, and our willingness to go the extra mile. It is our desire to work closely with our customers, responding to their needs quickly and efficiently. In doing so, we want to work as a part of a comprehensive program that ensures that our services are second to none.


Founders: David Walton and Maurice Ryan


Proudly providing emergency ambulance services to:
City of Marlborough, Town of Hudson
and Town of Dracut.

Michael Latta